Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dangerous view from a beautiful waterfall

What a crazy spot! Its called the Devils Swimming pool at Victoria falls in Zimbabwe. Amazing!

Twitter is the bees knees!

Recently started "twittering" on Twitter. For those not familier with it Twitter is like lots of quick mini blogs and a very easy convenient way to keep up to date with your friends around the world. At first I was like ahh Im already on Flickr, Facebook, Smugmug, a website, blogging etc... why do I need another social place to write about whats going on. But after giving it a try I quickly found it to be a great simple way to let friends know whats going on. Kind of like blogging in "real time". 
If you havent checked it out already come join up. You will be surprised how easy it is to keep up to date with friends and leting them know what your up to. Follow me at

Japanese Schoolgirl Fashion

Japanese school girl fashion
Click the image to view on Flickr
My most popular photo on Flickr wasn't even taken by me. All I did was photoshop together a bunch Japanese highschool girl shots into one image and shared it with everyone as I think the fashion over is quite interesting. Even in the freezing cold snow of the winter months these girls go out in their tiny mini skirts and "loose socks" to school and around town. 
Sasuga Nihon!

The photo has recieved (at time of writing) over 23,000 views just on Flickr and keeps growing with a few hundred views everyday. 

Monster burger!

Took a trip back over to Inawashio lake area today to have lunch at Hiro's cafe (same place that has the 40cm hotdogs seen in earlier post) But this time I wanted to try their huge burger. I got a bit more than I bargained for this time because this thing was insanely huge! It makes McDonald's Mega Mac look like a little snack. After a lot of effort I managed to finish this beast off. 

Monster Burger

My shot was featured on A Hamburger Today. Take a look here. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New worlds tallest building in Dubai. Amazing!

The new worlds tallest building in Dubai. Just an amazing bit of engineering to say the least. This monster is twice the height of the Empire State building! Man Dubai has so much cool stuff. I really have to get over there sometime to check it all out. Maybe I could organize some wedding photography to do there and charge like $100,000,000 per wedding perhaps 8)

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Big air and Big hotdogs!

The rough landing

Today we took a trip over to Inawashiro lake for the Freestyle ski world championships. Got there in the arvo just in time to catch the mens aerial competition. It was pretty expensive to get in (3000yen) so Haruna opted to go for a drive around town with Jet. Its always annoying as a photographer to have to pay to get into these events and then have to stand in the crowds when you can see the "working" photog's get into all the best positions to shoot from. I know if I had put in a little effort I could have organized a press pass somehow but anyway...Imminent Danger

The spectators had to stand on a very steep section of snow and most of the time I was slipping over trying to get up and into a good position for shooting from. Managed to get a good view eventually and was able to enjoy watching and shooting these crazy guys doing their thing. The most exciting part of course was the crashes!

Big Asss Hotdog!!
After a couple of hours shooting the aerials I met up with Haruna and Jet and we headed of to have lunch at a place she saw on tv called Hiro. Some biker cafe that made huge burgers and 40cm long hot dogs!!! Sure enough the food was great there and not too expensive. Will be going back there for sure again. Next time I will try their giant hamburger.