Good Evening Rota Island!

Just another gorgeous fiery sunset over Rota Island between Guam and Saipan.
Shot with Canon G9! Just goes to show you don't need 1000's of bucks worth of glass and bodies to get nice shots.

I had planned that I wanted to shoot this sunset from back at the Swimming hole near our resort, but we were being shown around the island a bit with a very nice fellow who is the assistant to the Mayor of Rota. Unfortunatly he had a few other things he needed to do before getting me and Aya back to the resort so I could prepare my camera gear.

So as the sun was starting to go down I was starting to get a bit anxious so suggested that we might hurry back now if it was ok. "sure sure no problem, just let me drop into my house for a sec and pick up my kids" ahh ok. then after 2 or 3 other pit stops i realized we were not going to make it back on time to set up so i just grabbed my trusty G9 that i was using to shoot underwater shots with and ran down to the closest beach just in time to catch at least something. no time to think about composition, tripods or anything just set the exposure and fire off a couple.

well composition surly could have been improved but at least i caught this beautiful fiery light which is something i vary vary rarely see back home. ah travel is such good fun and adventure!


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