Iwaki photo trip

First of all Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all had a great xmas and New Years. I had a very average xmas day which consisted of a thorough medical check up first thing in the morning for work and then cleaning the studio most of the day.
New Years fared quite a bit better and was spent in Nihonmatsu with Stu, Andy & Emily and some mates over from Australia. Lots of crazy stuff went down but more on that in a later blog entry.

As I had a few days off work during the end of the year the family and I took a trip over to Iwaki by the ocean as I wanted to take the kids to the Aqua Marine park there to see all the fishies and other sea creatures as well as do some shooting at Hatachi Jinja. Hatachi Jinja is a picturesque part of the ocean with a Torii gate and shrines mounted on rocks out in the water.
A couple of months ago I was over there shooting for a couple getting married and loved the place so had been wanting to get back over there to try my hand at some more seascapes.
Here's a few of the results from the day.

Some final 2009 shots
Seascapes are one of my favorite subjects to shoot!
For this shot i used my Canon 5D Mark II mounted on a tripod with an 8 stop ND filter I picked up really cheap online. A few times some big waves came in an almost washed me and my camera gear into the ocean. This was about a 20 second exposure just after dawn was starting to break.

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In the car park at Iwaki Aqua Marine we found this SWEEET Ferrari and had to stop to get some shots. This is a pseudo HDR from a single RAW file processed in Photomatix Pro and Lightroom.

Top of the world Ma!
Here's Jet high atop a big look out tower braving the crazy strong winds to play with his stick lol.

Time to go home
The last shot of the day. Just as we were going to call it a day and head home we noticed some sweet light as the sun was setting so quickly pulled over to shoot some birds that were hanging around lots of fishing boats in search of some dinner I guess. I knew this would make for some cool silhouette shots before we lost that golden colour altogether.

It was a very long day but everyone had fun and I was happy to get some images I was pleased with to finish off the year.


Jollence Lee said…
Fantastic photos Pete. I love that seascape shot of waves on the rocks.
Thanks very much Jollence!
ukreal1 said…
Fantastic orange light shot. Welcome (almost) to Okinawa!

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