My first wedding in Okinawa

Heres an ad that was printed in an Okinawan military magazine with my first couple I shot when I first moved to Okinawa. Since then I shot 16 weddings in my first month as a freelance wedding photographer but will be making the shift from the 1st of June back to full time wedding photography for one company which is Watabe Weddings, one of the biggest wedding companies in the world.

The only thing Im worried about though is they give me Nikon cameras to shoot with which I have never used before. So its going to take a lot of getting used to before I feel confident using them Im sure. Anyway the money isn't too bad at all and there are some beautiful locations I'll be shooting in so looking forward to it.


Azzza said…
Do you still feel the same bruddah?
Well about the beautiful locations, yeah there are when the weather cooperates. The pay? hmm could do with an upgrade! 8)

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