Camping on Zamami Island (Kerama island chain)

Decided to take a little solo camping trip over to the Kerama islands to check for myself the apparently amazing stars at night and some of the worlds clearest waters with 50-60m visibility.

All odds seemed against me as I was trying to make my way to the boat dock on my 250cc Suzuki Skywave scooter loaded up with camera gear, tent and backpack etc... First getting lost, then getting rained on.. Then more very heavy rain during the 2 hour ferry ride from Naha's Tomari port out to the islands themselves. Once we arrived though the weather turned beautiful and stayed that way for the 2 days I was there luckily!

The island is pretty tiny with only one set of traffic lights which no one used anyway. "Its only there to teach the school kids how to use them" the local store owner told me.

Sure enough the beaches were beautiful with amazing blue water and so many types of tropical fish swimming around.

At another much less crowded beach I was able to spend hours swimming around with Sea Turtles which was good fun trying to shoot them with my Canon G9 and underwater housing.

At night sure enough the stars were pretty amazing. But a fellow traveler I met up with told me it was way clearer the night before DOH!!

Anyway Kerama is a highly recommended place to visit. Especially for anyone into diving, snorkeling or just looking to get away from the main island for a quick holiday.

Camping is really cheap! only 200yen a night. But I found it too hot to get much sleep. There are cabins etc.. also available.


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