Need to change your Japanese Windows PC to English?

Work was nice enough to get me a new PC today. Complete with Photoshop CS5 and Lightroom 3.
Its a pretty beasty machine sporting an Intel i7 cpu, 8gb ram, 24 inch monitor, 1.5tb internal hdd and 4tb external raid. All that wedding photography has to go somewhere ey!

Anyway although my Japanese is pretty good for speaking, I'm not that great at reading all the kanji (I really should make the effort to study more!). And as the PC came equipted with Windows 7 Professional version which does not support English for the machines here in Japan, I remembered a cool little program I used on one of my machines at home a while back to change the Windows OS into English without having to reinstall everything. The program is called Vistalizator and it can override your Japanese Windows machine be it Win Vista or 7 with lovely easy to understand English! Plus is free and very easy to setup.

So in case any of you find yourself with a Japanese PC you would like to run in English just visit this link and give it a try. Worked great for me!


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