The Busiest Wedding season + Taiwan trip

Hey Everyone! Have not had much free time at all recently as Im into the busiest wedding season of my life right now. I guess I'll be shooting 30 or so weddings in October plus all the editing that naturally goes along with that.

Having lots of fun though and have not regretted changing to my new wedding company (Watabe Wedding) once since I've started there. Its also been a great chance to improve my photography and off camera lighting as I have a lot more freedom now.
Have also just returned from a couple of quick business trips to Taiwan and Tokyo. Although very hectic I always enjoy traveling and getting paid for it.

Taipei is a fun city! I made some great friends there who have already been over here to Okinawa to shoot with and to model for me. Taipei has the most amazing night market I've ever seen. Possibly the biggest in the world?
One thing I was disappointed about however was the lack of cold drinks! Yeah weird right. Just something we take for granted. But after a really hot day I don't want to sit down in a bar to a room temperature beer! 8( They did at least bring me a glass with some ice but its just not the same is it.
A little strobist fun during a photowalk out front of the Taipei 101 building

Just after returning from Taiwan had to make a quick trip up to Watabe HQ in Tokyo to sit through an 8 hour seminar/meeting. Hard not to fall asleep!

Anyway in the coming months I think I have a few more trips lined up including (maybe) Hong Kong, Hokkaido, China, Bali. Not sure exactly yet as they like to tell me at the last minute. "Pete we are leaving for China in a couple of days! Get that visa (that takes at least a week or so to organize) done before we leave ok!"


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