How did you take that?

I get a lot of questions asking about various photography stuff, techniques etc.. So I thought rather than re answering the same questions over and over I would just post them here on my blog so others can perhaps learn from it also.
Ok so heres a question I recently got asking how I took this shot.

How I did it was mount a camera on the end of a monopod via a ball head. In this case at the time i had a Canon 40D with a 15mm fisheye attached to it. Point the camera back at myself from the ball head mount then run a shutter release cable from the camera body to my hand. 
Set a slow enough shutter speed to be able to get some blur when moving like 50th/sec etc.. I would suggest shutter priority mode and a low ISO. Then the next part is just a numbers game. Start spinning around while taking LOTS of photos. They won't all be sharp so take lots. Thats it! You will need to delete probably about 99% of them but there should be at least one really good sharp one in the bunch to keep. Or you could keep them all and put them into a stop motion video. Have fun with it! And try not to throw up on your camera gear once your done! 8)


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