Photo Q&A: What compact point & shoot should I buy?

Hi Pete.. I want to purchase a new camera soon.. but i am sooo not sure what to buy... after a great pocket digital that can handle low light shots really well.. I want something I can capture the beauty of the city at night and day.. Hopefully you may be able to help


Sure! Well first of all no" point & shoots" are that great in low light. They tend to suffer from noise due to their small sensors. Having said that there is always noise reduction software that can fix that up pretty darn good.  But your best bet for cameras IMHO would be probably something like the new Canon G12, Canon S90 or Nikon's P7000. These are what I would go for if I was getting a compact camera. Although the G12 would be a little heavy in the pocket it is still a great camera and not that heavy to carry around, especially compared to a DSLR. The main thing to remember if you want to shoot in low light is you will need a tripod. Even a small one will be better than nothing. You might like to look into Joby Gorillapods. And for night shooting the camera must be capable of taking long exposures. So something with manual or shutter priority mode would work for you. Hope this helps!


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