Shenanigans at Rocktoberfest (Torii Station)

Had a rare weekend off work for a change so took the oppertunity to catch up with our good friends Kris and Denise out at Kadena air base. Kris was nice enough to give me a guided tour of where he works as a Para rescue Jumper.

We also dropped in to Torii Station, another U.S base as they were having they're annual Rocktober festival with a bunch of Rock, Ska, Metal bands playing over 2 days. Unfortunatly the day we went did not have much interesting music going on (IMHO) But the kids were happy playing in jumping castles and I had some fun watching the burnout comp and other demo cars. Heres a little video of one of the cars smoking it up. Shot on my new iPhone 4 which I am loving to bits!


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