The craziest month and catching up with an old friend

So October has just finished and I've completed the craziest busiest month in my photography career so far. Not sure exactly how many weddings I shot but its about 30 give or take a couple. Right now I still have about 10 weddings sitting on my work PC waiting to be edited.

Ended up doing 60 hours of overtime work so really looking forward to seeing my paycheck next month!
I had a business trip planned to Hong Kong for the 5th of November but as its still crazy busy we have to postpone until December now.

On another topic I got to catch up with my long time friend and fellow photographer Masaru, who made a trip down to the island for a few days. I first met Masaru over 12 years ago back in Australia when we used to live and work together shooting for CT Tour company back on the Gold Coast.

Had a short but fun time catching up over some beers at Naha's Kokusai dori then shooting most of the next day around the island. Weather and light were pretty average so no amazing shots. But plenty of fun shooting together again.


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