Just bought the new 2011 Kawasaki Ninja 250R

So here's my new ride! woohoo!! In the last year I've been enjoying bikes more again. I grew up riding trail bikes for years but then there was a big gap where I didn't have a bike but was having fun with other motor sports, Drifting, racing etc.. When I moved to Okinawa back in may I got my bike license and bought myself the Suzuki `Skywave 250 scooter which you can see in earlier blog entries. But recently decided to get a sport bike. Had a bit of a look around at various models but decided on the new 250R Ninja. So I traded in my Skywave and got a pretty good price for it as I kept it in good condition. Forked out a little more money and ordered my 2011 black Ninja which should be arriving to the island from the mainland in a week or so. Anyway I will of course be posting photos and maybe a video or 2 once it arrives. 


D. Njogu said…
hi there, I'm Dennis, I have a fetish for bikes too ...... n this babe ryt here (th Ninja 250R) gives me the shivers whenever I look at it, tell me, how much did U get it for there in Japan? (in USD) God willing I'm planning to ship one soon too all the way from Japan.......thanks in advance.
Unknown said…
how does the bike handle i.e. cornering and overall riding. i went and looked at the same bike (a 2011 250r) sat on it and fell in love with it. i just want to know what to expect as it will be my first bike.
Unknown said…
Hey guys, the bike costs about $5500 when I got in 2010. Rides pretty good! Its my first sport bike also so I have nothing really to compare it with. Its great fun for sure but I think it could do with some better grippier tires than the stock ones. And an exhaust change is a must! 8)

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