Just bought the new 2011 Kawasaki Ninja 250R

So here's my new ride! woohoo!! In the last year I've been enjoying bikes more again. I grew up riding trail bikes for years but then there was a big gap where I didn't have a bike but was having fun with other motor sports, Drifting, racing etc.. When I moved to Okinawa back in may I got my bike license and bought myself the Suzuki `Skywave 250 scooter which you can see in earlier blog entries. But recently decided to get a sport bike. Had a bit of a look around at various models but decided on the new 250R Ninja. So I traded in my Skywave and got a pretty good price for it as I kept it in good condition. Forked out a little more money and ordered my 2011 black Ninja which should be arriving to the island from the mainland in a week or so. Anyway I will of course be posting photos and maybe a video or 2 once it arrives. 

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