Photo Q&A: Which camera? Canon 1DmkIII or 5DmkII?

Hello Pete, you've been an huge inspiration to me in my photography. In fact your one of two of my favorite Flickr photographers. Now, im in need of your advice in choosing a new DSLR and since you've experience with 2 of my choices i'd like to ask you which you think i would need more. I'm currently torn between 2 cameras: 5dmkII and 1dMKIII. I know someone who is selling their 1dmkIII at a relatively cheap price. In fact, its way cheaper than what a brand new 5dmkII is selling for here. What i'm looking for is a walk around cam that can do almost anything with stunning IQ/Detail. Now lets say both cameras are equally priced and assuming the used 1dMkIII is in great condition, which should you get? I am not a pro, i shoot anything from portraits, events, sports, concepts just as a hobby.

Thanks very much! Always happy to inspire. I would probably recommend the 5D2. Although the mkIII is a fantastic camera its probably getting a bit long in the tooth now. But I do still love the grip and feel of the mkIII. Plus its built like a tank! The mkII would probably be your best bet for a walk around camera. The auto focus may be a little slow for some sports photography though. Nothing wrong with the mkII's build quality either. Its also very strong but not as good in the rain as the mkIII. I think both are built better than the Nikon's Im using right now actually, so yeah i would say go with the 5D. You get full frame, video, better LCD, more resolution, higher iso performance and more. Thats what i did, sold my mkIII and kept the 5D and am very happy with my decision. I hope this helps!


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