Photo Q&A: Which entry level DSLR?

I am thinking of getting a new camera and was wondering what you think about the following.

Canon EOS Kiss X4

Nikon D3100

I think these are the current entry level DSLR cameras that are the best?
Anyway, your thoughts would be appreciated!

I actually have no idea about entry level DSLR's. But i do know they they would both be great cameras no doubt. I would suggest just buying the camera brand that your friends have. That way you can borrow lenses! Both Nikon and Canon are great, I use them both currently and neither is really better than the other, they both have good and bad points. Just get which ever feels more natural in your hands or one that friends have the same brand of. One thing I will recommend for getting a new entry level DSLR or starting out in photography is to get yourself a 50mm prime lens. So one that does not zoom. They are cheap and you can get great shots with them as they have "fast" apertures so you can shoot in low light and also allow you to make the background behind your subject go really out of focus which is a good thing for portraits and making the subject stand out etc... The kit lenses are pretty much rubbish, good "glass" is the most expensive but most important part of any camera system! Oh one more thought, a great place to research and compare cameras or lenses is So be sure to check that site out and research before you decide.

Hope this helps. 


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