Testing out Auto Stitch for iPhone

I'm a big fan of the panorama format of photography and have always wanted to get my hands on a Hasselblad Xpan to play with. However I would probably be made to sleep outside for a month or so if I bought one. But I heard about this cheap little iPhone app from a local Okinawa magazine about Auto Stitch which basically allows you to shoot multiple images of a scene then have this app stitch it altogether for you. Allowing you to make up to an 18 mega pixel image from the iPhone!

I gave it a quick try while I was shooting on location before shooting a job there. This was just a real quick and dirty 26 images and Auto Stitch managed pretty well to piece them all together pretty damn well considering my relaxed shooting technique.
The most fun you can have with a couple of bucks for sure!
I'm looking forward to playing with it more on my business trip to Hong Kong tomorrow. (If I get any free time)


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