Bridal shoot with Mimi

My wedding company I used to work for Watabe Wedding asked me to get a girl to model a wedding dress in new locations we have found around the island. So I asked my good friend Mimi who used to live here and she was happy to lend a hand.

On this shooting day the weather was not cooperating and was super windy, raining and cold. Although you may not be able to tell from the following images it was really cold and raining. Yes it does get a bit cold in Okinawa during the winter.

All lighting was done with a couple of Nikon speedlights. SB800 and SB900 with shoot through umbrellas held by my assistants. But because of the windy conditions a lot of the time it was just not practical to use lights so opted for natural.

Beach 51 at Maeda. Beautiful location but was crazy windy and cold. Mimi was very brave here and luckily didn't get blown away. Although she did almost get washed away shortly after this when a freak wave came in on the beach got her and the dress pretty soaked.

Same location as last shoot with Mimi. An old WWII bunker cave.

 In the jungle at Bios botanical gardens

 Photo bombed by Goat! Still at Bios. Hes even smiling at the camera!
Big thanks to Mimi and Tracy and my assistants Yoshida, Matsuo and Yukari for all your help!

Interested in having a location shoot here on Okinawa or overseas? Drop me an email here or come by my main website for details.


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