My job is to party!

 Since toward the end of last year its been pretty much none stop end of year drinking parties and events that I am expected to attend with my company Watabe Wedding. Not that I'm complaining but that can add up to a lot of hang overs if one is not careful.

Most recently was a huge conference held here in my home town Nishihara. It was a good 5 hours or so of listening to sales stats and stuff that could put even an insomniac to sleep. But after all that is where things got interesting.
They had a huge buffet and of course all you can drink. Below you can some of the variety of food available around the hall. 

Unfortunately though after getting home I ended up getting pretty sick. I'm guessing from either mixing too many cocktails and beer or because of eating crab and lobster from which I have been hospitalized for before here in Japan. Ahh when will I learn....

Anyway below are a few scenes from the banquet. Please excuse the low image quality. It was pretty dark and I was shooting these with iPhone.

 A fruit platter on an ice sculpture.

 More ice sculptures.
 Carrot sculpture. Awesome!

Also recently had a boat cruise party for staff that were over from Hong Kong, Taiwan and main land China, but it was pretty freezing cold and thought I was going to get seasick from the rocking boat but it was all good once I had a few beers. Next party is tomorrow night after a model shoot with good friend Mimi.


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