My 200th blog post! Used lenses from Japan

Well welcome to my super 200th blog post everyone!!

Been getting more emails lately again asking if I still sell the Canon 80-200mm f2.8L lens. A.K.A The Magic Drainpipe.
This is a very rare Canon pro series lens well known for its beautiful sharp images. Anyway I've recently found a few more I should be able to get my hands on. I have a list of names already of people waiting for one of these lenses but I should be able to get them on a semi continual basis now.

Also feel free to drop by my Used lenses from Japan Flickr group here.

Something I just came across which I found interesting for sale is this Canon 50mm f1.0L
That's right f1.0! I had only heard of the 1.2 version before I saw this one for sale.
If you would like it let me know.
Its only about $5000. Go on! You know you want it!


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