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I had been looking for a little app that would allow me to blog easily from my iPhone or iPad when out and about. After a quick search on the app store I came across blogpress which seemed to be about the best according to all the reviews so here we are.

All the menus and the actual writing is simple and well thought out. It's even quite easy to enter HTML code as well.

Ok let's try an image then. Hmm

Here's a cute shot of my daughter Jenna asleep at the wheel of her shopping cart. Ah guess it had been a long day.

Ok now for another random image.

My toy box

If you want to keep your cameras and lenses in good working condition and not get mold growing in them like the lens in my former post, get yourself a clean dry cabinet. This will keep the humidity at a controlled level thus keeping all that expensive glass in prime condition for years to come. You'll notice it says 53% on the LCD panel in the shot but I usually have it at around 30%. Not sure if there's any magic number it should be set at.

One last thing I'll mention is that I'm up to day 3 now of zero smoking! Not feeling too bad as far as cravings go as I have had a steady supply of patches to help me. It will sure be a welcome change to get past that nasty habit!

Ok that's it for now. Time to go shoot a wedding now. Have a great day!

In case you  are wondering whats inside, from top left: 
Canon 70-200mm f2.8L IS, 24-105mm f4L IS, 80-200 f2.8L, 
100mm macro, 50mm f1.4 , Powershot G9, Sigma EX 15-30mm f3.5, 
Speedlites 430exII,550ex, 580exII, 5D MKII, 7D.  
Theres some other stuff in there also but thats the bulk of it. 

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Robert Kawasaki said…
been using this app for a long time now. it works well when you're in the go.
Cool. Yeah seems easy to use. But for some reason when I click on the images I sent from my iPhone they just go to a Picasa error page. Hmmm wonder why...?

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