Long exposures with an iPhone

I had always wondered if it was possible to make long exposure photography with an iPhone and as it turns out, you can!

A quick search in iTunes returned a few apps aimed at the task so I decided to give Slow Shutter a go.

The app seemed to work pretty good but the problem was how to keep the iPhone steady for the long exposure. Then I remembered I still had a spare mini Joby Gorillapod around that I had won in a photo contest for Joby last year. This combined with a shutter delay timer was perfect to eliminate any motion blur on the camera. The app allows up to 30 second exposures in a shutter priority and manual mode. There is also a dedicated "light trail" mode where you can actually see whats being recorded on the iPhone's sensor in real time. Very cool!

So this is my first test using the app in its "Automatic" shutter priority mode with shutter speed set to 30 seconds and a 3 second shutter delay timer. The image was finished in the Camera+ app also for iPhone where it had the border added and saturation increased slightly.

Looking forward to playing with it more on car trails and water etc..
This app has lots of potential and only costs 99c from the US app store on iTunes.

Highly recommended!

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Luna said…
If Apple can make that light trail technology, I can't wait for them to put it in the dSLR. Imagine doing a long exposure and you can see your image coming on the LCD? You could stop it at the right moment you want.
Robert Kawasaki said…
wow. downloaded it. it is so much fun. make sure you say its the slow shutter cam though. i think its better than the other one.
Yes imagine the possibilities for real time live view in long exposures! That would be very cool and handy!
Hope you have fun with it Rob!

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