My newest Canon 80-200 2.8L is MINT!

Just found another Canon 80-200mm f2.8L here in Japan. This time in pretty much perfect condition all round. This one also comes with the tripod collar and other regular included accesories.

I will be putting this one up on Ebay in a week or so after I've had enough time to have a quick play with this beautiful bit of rare Canon history.

Here by request is a little video review of the Canon 80-200mm f2.8L. Also known as the Magic Drainpipe.
I will apologize in advance for the bumping sounds from the lenses near the mic. This is a new mic set up I'm trying also. With the Audio Technica condenser mic I bought to use for podcast recording and videos etc.. plugged into the iPad. Also just got Power Director 9 to edit video with and I'm still a total beginner when it comes to anything video. But its kinda fun and something new to play around with.

After all I have both the Canon 5D mkII and Canon 7D here which are both capable of amazing video recording (in skilled hands of course). Anyway without any further ado...


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