Spider Holster on the way!

I was recently introduced to the Spider Holster from fellow photographer and long time mate back in Australia Dale Travers (check out his blog here). I was surprised I had never heard about this new camera carrying system, considering the amount of podcasts about photography I listen to. I guess I just missed it somewhere.
Anyway so what is the Spider Holster? Its a new way of carrying your camera body or bodies on a belt system without the need for any pesky neck straps that are forever getting in the way.

I have tried various solutions from the R-strap/Q-strap, dynamic and static slings but I have not been 100% happy with anything so far. Bring in the Spider camera holster.
Now this is something totally different. Shifts all the weight from my two Nikon D3 bodies or Canon 5DmkII and 7D bodies off my neck and on to the padded belt.

I already use the Think Tank pro speed belt so I was very reluctant to fork out the $280 odd American dollars this thing has cost me in total for the shipping to Okinawa, Japan and the Dual camera system itself. But if it works as well as they are saying it should, well it will be money well spent.

For someone like me who shoots an insane amount of weddings per year its always important to find the best way to carry our gear around and to make life/our jobs easier for ourselves. (By ourselves I mean me and maybe the 2 others in the world who can handle shooting 300+ weddings and bridal fashion shoots per year lol)

So really looking forward trying out the new Spider Holster hopefully in a few days. I will do a more thorough review then. Maybe a video review also. We'll see how it goes.


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