Teaching a flash workshop on Kedena Air Force base

I was recently asked by my good friend Denise at Rising Sun Memories if I would teach a small flash and strobist type workshop on the U.S Kedena Air Base the other day so I happily obliged. A few more than expected turned out for the workshop including some of my other good photographer friends on the island. 

I had only taught one other Speedlite workshop before and that was all in Japanese so I was looking forward to teaching this time in my native English. There ended up being 6 participants and of all different skill levels. Trying to cater to the varying skill levels proved to be quite tricky as I knew I would be easily going over some peoples heads while probably talking about stuff that might be too easy for others. So I tried to keep it on a middle ground for the most part. 

We covered everything from the basics of bouncing on camera flash right through to off camera flash fired via radio triggers and using various defusing techniques. Everyone got to ask a lot of questions and all seemed to gain a better understanding and enthusiasm in using flash and to go out and try some off camera lighting techniques.

Next time we will do a beach location flash/strobist workshop with a model also so everyone can practice employing the techniques I'm teaching.
Looking forward to putting together more workshops on Okinawa in the near future!

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