Enjoying Typhoon Songda

We had our first major typhoon for this year and the typhoon season has not even started yet.
All the other typhoons I had experienced since moving to the island had been way over hyped and turned out to be not much more than a windy day with lots of rain. But Typhoon Songda did not dissapoint!

She started to kick off about 10pm last night. The winds and the resulting noise gradually picked up over a couple of hours, followed by black outs over most of the island and lots of kaos. Being the crazy adventuerer that I am, I decided to go for a walk and see what was actually going on out on the main street and to see if I could find any shops open. What ensured was on of the most scary but fun advenures of my life!

I managed to make it about 1 killometer up the main road. There was broken street lights smashed and flying up the road along with a Mcdonalds sign and lots of other junk.

I almost got blown over several times and had to duck for cover behind a wall every minute or so. I found no shops open but had a very interesting experience all the same.

Here`s a video clip I made of myself with my iPhone as I get ready to head out and get as far as the narrow road outside my place. Hopefully this will give you an idea of the sound of the wind and how difficult it is to walk in winds reaching 52 meters per second!

Don't try this at home! 8)


Adam q said…
...and as with most typhoon, Fukushima got a bit of a sprinkle. I hope you enjoy getting the brunt of the storms from now on. :p

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