My favorite photography apps for iPhone and iPad

There's a popular saying going around made famous by Chase Jarvis
"The best camera is the one you have with you"

Since I got my iPhone4 several months back I have also realized the potential of having a camera (even a phone camera) with me at all times. So I thought I would just put a quick list out there for anyone wanting to know what I use to create some of my iPhone images up on Flickr or just to give you something new to play with.

Ok so without any further ado, here's a few of my must have apps.

Camera+  For $2 bucks you cant go wrong with this one. This is my main go to app for shooting and editing on the iPhone. Some great features include tilt/shift and depth of field effects as well as heaps of other filters, cool frames and borders, cropping etc..
My new Ninja shot with new iPhone

Pro HDR Does a great job of rendering HDR images of a scene with two separate images. The HDR images are quite natural looking and not that garish HDR you often see on Flickr and the like. $2
Ninja at the Dock (iPhone4)

AutoStitch Panorama is a nice easy way to capture huge panoramas with your iPhone. It manages to stitch images surprisingly well even when you have not lined up the separate images perfectly. Also allows you to shoot several rows and columns. Also $2

Slit-Scan is sooo much fun! I was stuck playing with this for hours before deciding to buy the pro version. Allows you to take photos one row of pixels at a time. Thus creating very interesting images that have moving objects in them. Best used with your device mounted to a tripod or sitting very still. Slit Scan is free but there is also a pro version with more pixels and functions for $2.
Twisted (iPhone4)

Slow Shutter Cam allows you to do what the name implies. So great for capturing light trails and things like that. I believe the iPhone is not really actually capable of long exposures but it uses the video mode to make the  same kind of effect. Either way its pretty damn cool. There are several options in there for different exposures modes but the coolest must be the real time exposure view where you can actually see the image exposing while your shooting it. Something I wish was available on DSLR bodies. For this app I strongly recommend using a tripod mount of some sort also like the Slit-Scan app. I use a little Joby Gorillapod which works quite well. $1
30 seconds on an iPhone sensor (iPhone4)

Tiny Planet Photos is another fun app that you will have you stuck playing with for hours. Either making tiny planets from your existing images or by taking specific images for it. Basically it does a polar coordinates warping filter like in Photoshop. Very easy to use and interesting to see the resulting images. You can also make tiny tubes as well. Best of all its FREE!!

Tropical Planet

That's about it for the main photography apps I'm playing with now.
A few others I use or have used include the following.
Some of these are also really good and some not so. Some are not photography apps per se but have something to do with photography.
I'll comment more on them at a later date.
Sky view
Easy Release
Photoshop Express
Photo Goo
Colors Mosaic
Holo Paint
Simple DOF

So that's about it. Hope this gives you some ideas for a new app to play with. If you know of a really good one I didn't mention please let me know in the comments below so I can try it out!
Happy iPhone/iPad shooting!


Robert Mallon said…
Great list of apps! Thanks for sharing. What are you using to stabilize your iphone for Slit-Scan?
Thanks Rob! I'm using a little Joby Gorillapod for iPhone I won in one of they're photo comps.
kennady said…
Great list of apps! Thanks for sharing.i am using wedding app for iPhone
John david said…
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