Video review of the Spider Holster (duel camera system)

Here's a quick little video review I tried to record myself of the new Spider Holster duel camera system. I was using my Canon 5D mkII with a 50mm prime wide open at f1.4 after having a few beers. Needless to say it was not an easy task to keep things looking nice and sharp. Sorry about that!
But the main thing is the info right!? The show must go on!

Well I hope you can get some info from this.


Shai said…
Hi Pete,
Thanks so much for purchasing with us, using Spider and making this review..
Please do keep in touch with us at We are always looking for improvements, so your thoughts/ideas are very much appreciated..
Many thanks again!
All the best,
dok sik said…
Hey, No problem Shai. Thanks for creating such a great invention! Loving it so far.
Mitch said…
Great work Pete, for some reason I was thinking you need that theme song from The Good the Bad & The Ugly, pistols at down western type stuff lol.
haha thanks Mitch. Yes that would be sick! Maybe we can save that for the walking down the street quick drawing on people idea Willis mentioned on the last show! haha

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