Photography workshops

Now that the rain season has finished here I've been teaching a few more flash (strobist) workshops with fellow photographers from Watabe Wedding.
We have all the camera equipment already but most of them are not confident to try much off camera lighting during their wedding shoots.
So with the help of model Mimi we went out to try out some various techniques and how to deal with less than cooperative lighting conditions. For example shooting in the midday sun etc..

I like to show that you don't need all the best most expensive brands and equipment to get nice results when using off camera flash. Most of my gear I get from online stores in Hong Kong and China. 99% of the time it works just fine. Actually I have more problems with my brand name equipment malfuntioning.
One of the sites I use quite often to buy from is

Everyone had fun and learnt a few new tricks to try at their next shoot. Here's some behind the scenes shots and students samples from the workshops.

 Sensei mucking around with a 3 light setup (4 if you include the sun) 

 Showing you don't need to have all the expensive brands. 
This is all super cheap stuff bought from Hong Kong. 

 Lets get LOW!

 Just before the rain came at Toguchi beach.

 A students sample after learning with my patented teaching methods 8)

 Goofing around at Toyosaki beach. 

Another shot from on of my students. Getting better!


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