Stuck in the house during Typhoon Muifa

Typhoon Muifa has finally passed over the island after keeping everyone stuck in there houses for the last 3 days. A lot of the time without electricity. So with my weddings and work canceled there is not a lot to do so I decided to try shooting some water drops again.

Here's one of the results.
Endless Typhoon

In the past I have tried with some coloured backgrounds and various lighting setups but this time I thought I would try something different.
This time I only used an old DVD with the purple metallic surface as  background to bounce light into.
I also remembered a trick from years back we used to do to create funky colours with clear plastic things. The trick is to use only  polarized light and then a polarizer on the lens also.

The Drop
Another variation. Only adjustments in post were a curves adjustment, 
saturation slightly bumped up and cropping. 

I did it by duct taping a PL filter to my Canon 580exII flash and putting another PL filter on my 100mm macro. It took a fair bit of trial and error to get the polarizers rotated in an orientation that produced good colors. But the hardest part is getting the tiny drop in sharp focus.

I have my Canon 5D mkII with 100mm macro lens aimed at a baking tray full of water. 580exII on the side with a Rouge flash bender and PL filter attached to it. The light hitting the DVD in the back bounces on the water creating all those crazy colors.
A Ziploc back was taped to the top of the step ladder so it could drip water down into the tray.

Here's how the flash looks like with the polarizer attached.

If anyone has any questions on the set up feel free to hit me up via the comments or at petesphotography @ gmail . com


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