The Zombie Killa shoot

Zombie Killa 101
Recently did a really fun shoot at one of my favorite "haikyo" (Urban exploring) places on the island. It's an old abandoned hotel that was never finished and is now left in ruin. You can find more images of the hotel itself in an earlier blog post. For more info on the hotels history do read on...

Basically the story of the place is that when they were building this hotel the workers were warned continually buy the nearby temple that there were bad spirits in the area and that they should not build on this sacred site.
The owner ignored the warnings however and several workers died during the construction. As workers continued to die off the owner eventually ran out of money and ended up in a mental institution, where he still resides to this day.

Zombie Killa 4

This was my first time shooting with the lovely Kim Denman. She was such a brave girl the whole time. Enduring endless amounts of fake blood and Ikasumi (real black squid ink) all over her clothes and body.

Good mate Adam Lewis also came along for the shoot to help out, study a bit and to shoot some of his own images.

For lighting I used max 3 speedlites triggered wireless via cheap radio triggers from Hong Kong. They were either fired into umbrellas or directly for a more harsh look which I think kind of suited this shoot. We also used reflectors and smoke bombs to give a nice eerie mood to the already fitting backdrops of the hotel.

Zombie Killa 14

Post processing was mostly done in Lightroom with a trip to Photoshop here and there for added effects such as the textures etc..

Zombie Killa 12

Zombie Killa 9

Zombie Killa 8

Zombie Killa 7

Zombie Killa 5

Zombie Killa 3
Had a ton of fun on this one and can't wait to do some more like it.

I even bought some white contact lenses and an old military gas mask to try out as props for next time.

Thanks for dropping by!


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