Linkdelight review (Canon 5DmkII 4gb USB drives)

I have been using for several years now. They are a Chinese company based near Hong Kong and sell all sorts of photographic goods from studio lighting right down to camera toys, and usually for prices almost too good to be true.
Unfortunately the service from this company ranges from bad to horrible. Firstly the packages I order from them in China often take a month to arrive (I am living in Okinawa, Japan which is pretty close!) to me, where as packages I order from the U.S and the U.K etc.. usually arrive within one business week. How can this be?

I recently ordered a good size package of photo related items for my fellow photographers at my company and was very disappointed to see that all the items were pretty dirty looking. They were covered in some kind of dust, boxes appeared to be in used condition and some items did not even work. Such as the Canon 5D mkII 4gb USB drive I made a video review of above. They asked me to send them images of the items which I did and they lost. So I sent them again along with this video which they also asked me to make.

I will not be recommending Linkdelight to my fellow photographers in the future unfortunately unless they can improve their horrible business skills and service.


Dave said…
I ordered a cable release from them and it didn't work. Sent them a video of it not working and they said they put another in the mail about 10 days ago. Unfortunately I needed it about 10 days ago.. :( Hope the next one works.
Hey Dave. Good to hear they are at least sending you a new one. For some reason the shipping time always takes forever from them. And I'm not that far from HK/China. I get stuff much faster from the US and other parts of the world sent to me. So yeah its cheap but pretty much hit and miss ey!
Anonymous said…
Almost identical experience. Sent broken item to me (took about 2.5 weeks to arrive), I sent pictures and video. They said yah its broke, we will give you discount on new one ok?

I say no OK, you send broke one! Still trying to get a new one mailed or a refund about two months later.

Anonymous said…
I've been waiting months for my order as well... I got pissed off at the last "your order is lost" AGAIN email so I spammed their facebook and twitter with complaints. They can't just take your money and walk away. So pissed....

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