Wedding photography blog COMING SOON!

Hey everyone! Pushing on through the crazy wedding season once again, with no less then 20 weddings to shoot just this month. That adds up to a lot of editing time!

Our company Watabe Wedding will soon be starting up a new web site so that couples from Hong Kong and Taiwan will be able to request particular photographers for their wedding day. Until now it has just been luck of the draw for them.

Couples will also be able to request us to shoot in other countries as well as here in Okinawa.

I will also be starting up a Facebook Pete Leong wedding photography page in the next month or so. Probably once all the craziness of the wedding season is over.
Heres a sneak peak at some recent weddings and engagement shoots I've done.


aaron john said…
Nice pics,… I must say you are owesome ,I like your work and its clearity.The most important thing in photographs is clearity and for any occasion such as wedding ,I thing photography must include each and every minute it could be food, Wedding Venues ,bride dress anything that makes us to live each moment as many times we go through those photos.
Michael said…
wedding photographers had really done a great job i like all these photos, the main thing in photography is clarity and picture brightness in those pictures everything should be good and enough.
you just did an awesome job here. Perfectly captured gorgeous images.
neel max said…
Extremely romantic photos!Awesome, overwhelming!Such kind of great photos need a professional photographers. visit : to get such awesome photos.
I have no words… Absolutely gorgeous photos
Unknown said…
Thanks very much!
Unknown said…
Oh you have great work also and nice site! I'll link to you on my company's chatter page.

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