36 Inch metal print arrived!

Have finally be making a bit more of an effort to get some of my shots printed and up on the walls recently as most images only stay hidden in the pc and a few get uploaded to Flickr, Facebook and the like. I ordered a 36 inch canvas print a few months back as you can see in an earlier post but have been wanting to try a metal print for ages now.
My first metal print arrived at last from ImageWizards in the US (who are apparently the innovators of metal printing). The box it came in was huge, packaged very well to prevent any damage during its long trip from the US to Okinawa. The 36 inch print looks very impressive printed straight on to this lightly brushed super high gloss aluminium. It gives a saturation and depth to the image which can't be replicated on a paper or canvas. The placement of the print needs a good amount of planning as any foreground lights and windows etc.. will be very visible in the reflections on the print as you can see here.

The print itself with the high gloss lightly brushed aluminium finish set me back about $150US which is pretty good. But because of the size, weight and distance it needs to travel to get here the shipping was initially going to cost me $330! But I was luckily able to get the shipping down to $130 by having it shipped to a friends military APO address. 

Overall very happy with the print and will be trying more in the future. Hoping to try a longer panorama for my next one as I love the format. The staff at Imagewizards were very friendly and helpful and it was a breeze to upload my image for printing. I highly recommend you give them a try and get some of your favorite shots out of your pc and on the wall!


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