Off Camera Flash Workshop

Chris Willson and I will be holding an off camera flash workshop on the weekend of January 28th and 29th, 2PM to 6PM.

The lesson fee is US$150 and class size is restricted to a maximum of 10 students. The course will take place at Chris's house in Ishikawa, Okinawa and in the surrounding area.

Students should have their own SLR digital camera that they are reasonably comfortable using in manual mode. This is an intermediate level workshop. If you are not sure about things like aperture & shutter speed and how to control them then I’d recommend taking Chris's Photography 101 class first. (The next one will be held January 14th and 15th) If you already have your own flash, sync cords, or triggers please bring them along, but Chris and I will have plenty for people to share and experiment with.

The course will start with an introduction to the types of flashes we will be using, the different methods to sync them to your camera, and ways to both mount the flash and modify the light it produces. If you think PocketWizards and snoots are characters from Harry Potter then this is going to be an eyeopener.

We are going to practice our new skills in various  situations, so you’ll have the knowledge and skills to go out and try them yourself.
I will be showing you how to balance flash with a blazing Okinawan sun. Also feel free to hit me up about any wedding photography questions you may have as I have shot hundreds during my time here in Japan and happen to know a thing or two about the subject.
Off Camera Flash with Wedding Photographer Pete Leong

We’ll also work on ways to control the flash so that your subjects are lit rather than simply blasted with light.
To book a place on the course please email me at or Chris at We will send you a Paypal request for the course fee.

Hope to see you there!


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