Feb 2012 Hong Kong Wedding Expo trip

It was planned that I would travel to Ishigaki island to shoot a couple of weddings recently. Ishigaki is pretty much half way between here on Okinawa main island and Taiwan. Then just a few days before I was supposed to fly out, work tells me that I'll instead be going to Hong Kong to attend a big wedding expo there. This was the 2nd time I've been to HK for wedding and bridal shows and its always a great chance to meet other amazingly talented photographers from HK and Taiwan and of course to chat to new clients looking to come to Okinawa for their special day.
Pretty busy at our Watabe Wedding booth with 
couples looking to book a destination wedding.

Some of the other photographers were not really interested in meeting and talking photography. Just there to bring in new customers and see me as more of a threat I guess. I was able to meet a couple of my photo heroes Muse Chan and Ray Chui who did not have a booth at the show but came out to catch up with me. They both do amazing work with pre wedding location shoots around the world.
Good to meet you guys! Check out Muse's work here and Ray's here. 

A shoot I did for a couple on display. 

When I wasn't at the wedding expo I took any chance I got to get out and explore the city more with my Fujifilm X100. One of my goals was to return to "The Peak" overlooking the city to try some night time shots looking over HK. Unfortunately it was pretty foggy most of the time. I managed to grab this one as the fog cleared for a couple of minutes. 
Shot with Canon 5DmkII and 17-40mm f4L. 

Here's some more things I found while wandering around before and after work all shot with the Fuji X100. 

I thought this would make a kind of abstract street self portrait. 

Crazy busy streets and fantastic camera and electronic shopping in Mongkok.

A guy with a story to tell. 

Strange random street dancing. Love it!

So many amazing little camera shops selling both new and used gear. I picked up a few little accessories while there and will review them on the blog later. 

Street markets. I always love visiting these places. All sorts of fake stuff. The trend right now seems to be fake Monster Beats by Dre. headphones. They were selling them everywhere. 


Adam L said…
Sweet matey, looks like a fun trip! perhaps they will send us both next year??
None but those who have traveled, can appreciate the delight experienced from recalling in this way the interesting points of an interesting journey, and fighting, as it were, their battles over again.

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