The Many Faces of Jelly Joy

Had a lazy afternoon so decided to set up a little mini studio on the kitchen table and shoot my daughter as she went through various expressions while pigging out on jelly. And to also try some macro shots of my new official Canon 4gb USB drive. I received it as a gift from the Hong Kong branch of my company Watabe Wedding while I was visiting for the recent wedding expo.

The detail in the body of the mini 7D is quite impressive as you can see. I was inspired to try depicting a Daddy and son kind of feel with the real Canon 7D in the shot looking down at the USB to show size difference.

Here's a shot of the simple set up on the kitchen table. I was using black light absorbing material for the background. This stuff is great! Kind of like a thin velvet paper that just sucks in any light hitting it. All lit with one light and a reflector.



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