Off Camera Flash Workshop Jan 2012

IMG_8850 by Shenanigans in Japan
IMG_8850, a photo by Shenanigans in Japan on Flickr.
Had a blast teaching another off camera flash workshop along with good friend and great photographer Chris Willson. We had 8 participants join the class for the two days and we went over the benefits of using off camera flash, different ways to get your flash off the camera, various lighting techniques,  and what happens when you use different diffuses to shape and soften the light.

Everyone got a chance on the last day to shoot with out model Clare on the beach and practice their new skills.


There's been quite few people already interested in the next photography workshop so we'll get something in the plans shortly.

Pete & Chris's workshop Jan 2012

Thanks again to everyone who came and to Chris for teaching with me!

Check out Chris's Travel 67 blog here


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