Jet`s grade 1 first day & playin at the beach

Jet started his first grade today at Yomitan elementry school so we went to the beach afterwards hoping to get some shots of him still in his little suit. The weather was nice and sunny so he wasn't too keen to wear it but here's one of him doing a little first day victory dance by himself lol

When the sun comes out it really brings out the beautiful colours in the ocean here at our local beach. Also used a polarizer filter to help cut down on the reflections and saturate the colours. 

And some more..

 Jenna being cute as always in her dress from Nanna.
Lit using a silver reflector as is the next shot of Chibi Mama doing her thing. 

Our beautiful backyard Morima beach, just a couple of minutes walk from home. 

Working on my levitating powers. Tried a bunch of times to get into some weird positions slamming pretty hard into the ground on most attempts. Here's a couple that came out pretty funny I think. 

Trying to get a better view

All images shot on Canon 5DmkII and 7D, last two of me being silly are lit with the Canon 580exII and triggered with Yongnuo radio triggers. 


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