To settle a silly argument

A while back when I first got my Kawasaki Ninja 250r I made an exhaust change video which has been quite popular on YouTube. It also sparked up a bunch of silly little arguments which would pop up from time to time about if it is a fuel injected or carburetor bike. Some people on the net seem to be so positively sure about themselves and must express their point to the world.
Well I know pretty much f$%k all about bikes but I put this little clip up to hopefully answer the question that has been baffling people around the world for centuries.

Is my Ninja FI or Carb?

And here's my original Kawasaki Ninja 205r 2011 exhaust change video I made back when I first got the bike.
I had just purchased the Yoshimura carbon fiber slip on exhaust from an Ebay seller in the U.S. Cost me about $400 including shipping all the way to me here on Okinawa. It's since been a pretty popular video racking up almost 250,000 views at the time of this writing.


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