Okinawa Sunflowers and Sunbeams

Here on Okinawa we have been blessed with gorgeous sunsets almost ever day recently. After shooting a pre wedding shoot at Zanpa lighthouse I was heading home when I saw the light getting nice..

Got lucky with the timing on this one. This sunflower field popped up on my route to work so I wanted to try and catch them with some nice light before they get cut down. I raced down after work but the sunset was already dying. After setting up my tripod to try a long exposure these crazy sunbeams lined up perfectly in my frame. I didn't have flash with me so I was going to try HDR to keep the dynamic range between the flowers and sky in check but figured there would be some nasty ghosting due to the sunflowers blowing around in the wind, so in the end I just ended up using one frame and a little dodge and burning. Just a bummer about all the power lines.


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