Playing with dry ice

Dry Ice by Shenanigans in Japan
Dry Ice, a photo by Shenanigans in Japan on Flickr.
I have been looking around for somewhere that sells dry ice in the area for quite some time and finally found a place. So here we are setting it up at Adam's studio to experiment with.
Found it pretty tricky to get it to sit nicely like it is in this photo when we wanted it to. Had to have plenty of dry ice in hot water and a way to trap the smoke so it wouldn't disperse in too much of a hurry thus giving us enough time to get a model in it for a few shots.

Didn't quite work as we hoped but its all good fun and will know better for next time. Here's a couple of just random play shots from this studio session with what ever props we could find lying around and by wafting a little of the dry ice smoke up.

Evil Within

Rock on!

Wholesome tunes


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