Epic sunsets and new car

Lately we have been blessed with epic sunsets like this everyday here on Okinawa. Took the new car 2007 Nissan Serena up to a higher vantage point to catch this one before getting locked in the carpark 8(.. Managed to get the car out by going a little off road.

Its a little tricky getting used to driving such a bigger car but loving all that extra space for carting camera gear and camping stuff around in. The kids really love having the flip down monitor in the back so they don't have to constantly learn to the middle to watch the screen on the dash. One of the other main reasons for the new car purchase is that now we will be able to pick up our couples coming from Taiwan, Hong Kong etc. and drive them around Okinawa while we shoot their pre-wedding location photography. Plenty of space for  the couple, wedding and other dresses and of course myself, camera gear and lighting.

This image was made with the Canon 5DmkII on a tripod for 5 manually bracketed exposures. I tried to keep the tonemapping quite natural looking while still keeping the clouds looking epic as possible like they actually were.


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