Muscle beach classic Okinawa 2012

300 (Muscle beach classic Okinawa 2012) by Shenanigans in Japan
I was recently contracted by good friend and fellow photographer Jospeh Kumzak to shoot the Muscle beach classic for 2012 on Foster military base.

This was only my 2nd time to see a bodybuilding competition before but the first time to tackle shooting so many competitors. It was required that I shoot each and every athlete plus additional images for those athletes that purchased a cd and images directly from me. In total I had about 25 people that I needed to remember to shoot for the entire time they were on stage plus any chance I got to shoot back stage as the contestants got pumped up, applied final layers of bronzer on their bodies etc..

It was a very long but fun day. The real hard work came back on the computer where I had to edit all the images, make sure I had enough images for each person and then go through the entire series of images 25 times to separate each persons individual photos for burning to cd. Quite a long and involved task.

Here are a small sample of images from the day.


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