Izena Island seascape photography trip

Our latest island exploring adventure takes us up north to beautiful Izena Island. Once again invited by good friends David and Naoko Orr as Naoko-san's Parents are from there. Izena is a quick 1 hour ferry ride from near Nakajin in Nago.

Izena is pretty small and only takes around 20 minutes to drive around the whole island. There are lots of beautiful hidden beaches and cute stone fence villages to explore.

Up at the crack of dawn to catch this amazing sunrise over Izena. 
A HDR panorama stitched from about 30 images.  

We visited Izena during Obon which is when the Okinawans believe the dead spirits will come back to visit or something along those lines at least. Most Okinawans will not go in the water during Obon for fear of the spirits pulling them under! But that wasn't going to stop us from snorkeling in the beautiful waters of Izena.

Luckily we were blessed with hot but beautiful weather during our two day trip and were especially happy that our effort to get out of bed at 5am to go shoot the sunrise actually did pay off.

Without any further ado here is a little collection of images I put together of beautiful Izena Island.

From the same scene as above. I loved this pyramid looking mountain. 
One of the most amazing mornings I've seen. 

Looking the other way you can see the full moon setting 
behind the towering rock as the day begins. 

 A beautiful clear NIGHT sky filled with stars and lit by the full moon. 


Look to Ie island far off to the south in the background 
from the top of Izena. 

Snorkeling with David Orr looking for some reef sharks. 

Just exploring the island looking for nice rock formations and cool clouds. 

Some serious afternoon clouds. 

A seascape shooters paradise. 

I could shoot here all day and still not get bored!

Big thanks once again to David and Naoko Orr and her parents for letting us stay at their place!


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