Okuma, Okinawa photo trip report

As we are in the off season right now for wedding photography I have had ample time to get away for a few days here and there to explore this amazing little island of Okinawa. I recently took a short trip up north to a recreation and camp area designated for US military personnel with good friend David Orr and our families.

The Okuma area is quite beautiful with nice restaurants, beaches and resorts all around the area. There is also a "Japanese" side for the general public which sits right next to the military designated camp and rec area.

The camp ground are very well maintained and clean. You can rent cute little wooden cabins pretty cheap and they all have BBQ's and plenty of other amenities. It also serves as a perfect base for further travel right up to the top of the island (Cape Hedo) and many other beautiful surrounding areas.

Here are just a few sample shots from the two days we spent there.

Outside the little wooden cabin with new Nissan Serena as some nice fast clouds streak by. 

Took a late afternoon side trip up to Cape Hedo to try and catch some Golden Hour light along the cliffs. 

Clean green waters around Okuma

Sun setting fro the very top of Okinawa (Hedo Misaki)

Dragging the shutter to help separate the rocks from the moving clouds in the background. 

Some pretty awesome cloudscapes!

These clouds look like they had already been processed in Photoshop. The clarity was incredible

Okinawa Love!

A nice (but hard to find) waterfall just near Okuma

Jenna just had fun throwing rocks in the water the whole time I was taking photos. 

Big thanks again to David and Naoko Orr for inviting us along and signing us in to get into the Okuma recreation area. Check out David's great sea and landscape photography on Google+. https://plus.google.com/u/0/107343380917808930971/posts


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