Selling my Kawasaki Ninja 250r

As conflicted as I am it's time to part ways with my amazingly fun 2011 Kawasaki Ninja 250r.

As I'll be going from full time company employed photographer to freelance photographer from next month, I need to be able to cart around my camera gear when the family is using our other car. So deciding on getting something a bit more practical with plenty of space for studio gear, lighting and camera equipment etc..

Here's a little video I did with good mate Adam Lewis to show off the bike a little bit. We filmed most of the video with Adam's Gopro attached to various parts of my bike and from his as I followed him. Check out more of Adam's great photography and video work at his site

Its in great condition and runs like a dream! I'm asking 430,000yen ONO for the bike.
Email me if your interested.


jack R said…
What were the factors that went into your decision to go freelance?
Unknown said…
I've been in wedding photography business with various companies for over 10 years, shot 1000+ weddings so I think its time to go out on my own and move to the next level in my photography.
Jack R said…
Wow - a tonne of experience! Best of luck with your freelance work


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