Over 1000 weddings ago in a country far far away....

I was just going through some old prints I found  in a box while I was cleaning up to make room for a bunch of new studio props for baby shooting that fotoShisa Photography just bought and I came across these old shots that I thought were pretty funny. Its a young skinny Pete on the first day off the job as a wedding photographer back in Brisbane, Australia circa 1999~2000.

Here I was fresh back from my first trip to Japan where I picked up my first "modern" SLR the Canon Kiss (Rebal) with kit lens attached.

I remember waiting anxiously at the print shop for all my films to be developed with my Sensei and good friend Toshiaki Fuji. Thankfully the shots all worked out great! Since then I've shot well over 1000 weddings since living in Japan and gone through a heck of a lot of cameras!

Here's a quick list of some of the other Canon cameras I have owned since then (that I can remember).

Canon EOS 1, D60, 10D, 20D, 30D, 40D, G9, 5D, S95, 5DmkII, 1DmkIII, 7D, 5DmkIII

When I was bored one day at work I set up my daily wedding gear stuff that I used to use in the studio for a little gear portrait shoot.

Inside my camera bags


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