Zombie Apocalypse breaks out in American Village, Mihama

The Halloween season is upon us here in Okinawa. Growing up in Australia where Halloween isn't really celebrated I never had a chance to see any interesting Halloween events or Zombie walks. But here in Okinawa with such a big American presence there are lots of happenings going on in these festive seasons. In the past few years these Zombie walks have also been taking place but I was always working with my full time wedding photography job at Watabe Wedding. But now that I"m my own boss with my new photography company fotoShisa I'm able to get out and attend these events that I wasn't able to before.

The zombie walk was organized by my friend and make up artist Summer Johnson. And what an event it was! Around 50 or so zombies made their way though Mihama's American Village scaring the unprepared locals and giving the tourists some interesting photos and stories to take home.

Myself and good friend Michael Taylor followed the group of zombies around both of us shooting with our new Canon 5DmkIII's with the 70-200mm f2.8L IS on my camera and the 200mm f2L on Michael's. The mkIII's made light work of the crazy dark conditions. Shooting at ISO 10,000 produced great images straight out of the camera.

Here are a few more images I captured that night all with ambient light, my mkIII, 70-200, 17-40mm f4L and super high ISO's.

hmm blood tastes good!

Even young girls were getting in on the gory make up action. 

Scaring the crap out of some locals

The onslaught of zombies make their way though the streets of American Village. 

Time for a little zombie dancing in Island Depot. iPhone panorama with good friends 
and photographers Missy and Pam on the right. 

The littlest zombie. This little girl was too cute and out in the middle of the crowd dancing by herself. 

Zombie Walk in American Village, Okinawa 2012
Alex was one awesome looking zombie and posed for countless photos with the spectators. 


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