A little stay at Alivila resort, Okinawa

Recently had a surprise visit by the In-laws on holiday down here escaping from the cold winter of Fukushima. Still warm and sunny most of the time in Okinawa and we all stayed at Alivila resort which is only 5 minites down the road from home. 

You may recognise the location from some of my wedding location photos as they have two chapels here also. Lazor chapel and Glory chapel. I had never seen it here at night however, all the fariy lights transform the place into a beautiful wonderland. 

Jet, Jenna, Haruna and parents enjoying the twilight by the pool. 

Sunset by the pool

A long exposure on the beach after the sun went down

Jenna wandering around enjoying the lights. 

Looking back to the resort from under a well lit up tree

Nice tree with the twilight


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