Baby Gecko comes to visit.

Tiny baby gecko having a studio portrait session done. 
My little girl Jenna found this baby gecko exploring on our walls today so we caught the cute little thing to try some macro portraits. It behaved quite well surprisingly. I used my Canon 5D mkIII with 100mm macro lens attached and 580exII speedlite mounted on the hotshoe bouncing the flash off a white bounce card I recently picked up from the home supply store MakeMan.

 He would often open his mouth and stick its tongue
 out. I managed to catch him with his mouth open. 

 Very tricky to focus! I left the lens in manual and used my body rocking slightly back and forth to get the right focus. All hand held so I wasn't able to stop down too far. 

 He jumped on my leg! Be Careful, its a jungle out there!

 Using my iPad as a reflective base to shoot him on. 

Creeping away off my iPad. 


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