Baby Thaddeus studio portrait shoot

Recently did a studio shoot at home with gorgeous little 11 month old baby boy Thaddeus. Wedding photography has been my bread and butter so to speak for the past 12 or so years but since breaking away from working for the big wedding companies and starting my own photography business more and more fun opportunities are opening up, such as baby portrait photography.

Baby portrait photography presents a whole new bunch of technical difficulties that I'm not used to as a wedding photographer. Usually when I want a certain look from my clients I ask them for it. Smile, turn to the left, bring your shoulders back etc.. but with babies we can't do that. It was quite a challenge but an enjoyable one all the same. The limited space of our home studio also requires some thinking out side of the box in order to get the look and lighting I'm after.

In the end though we all had fun, I learned a few things and little Thaddeus's Mum & Dad were thrilled with their photos.

They had this to say after receiving their images.

"Pete did a wonderful job shooting our 10 month old. He and his wife had so much patience with our little guy and had great ideas for our shoot. He's an amazing photographer and a genuinely nice person. The photos came out absolutely PHENOMENAL! 
We can't wait to shoot with you again in the future, thanks again."

Here's a few more samples from our little portrait session. 


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